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Camboccia exists to offer people with disabilities the chance to take part in a  fun and rewarding sport.  Camboccia was founded in 2009 by parents looking for a sport for their disabled child. Camboccia is now one of the country’s top clubs!

About Boccia

Boccia is a competitive game that can be played one-on-one, in pairs, or with teams of three. It is played on a specially marked court, usually with a hard surface. The goal of the game is for players/teams to throw/bowl game balls so that they get them as close as possible to a special target ball. The game begins with a player throwing the white target ball onto the court. Opponents then take turns trying to throw/bowl their game balls as close as possible to the target ball (Jack).

When the game balls have all been thrown, a referee determines the points awarded to individual or teams based on measurement of how near the game balls are to the target ball.

Boccia is an activity that can be enjoyed by persons of all ages and persons with a wide variety of disabilities. It can be played for recreation, as a competitive sport, or for physical education in school programs. The game requires planning and strategy in trying to place playing balls for maximum scoring. It also can develop or increase hand-eye coordination. Finally, boccia is an activity in which individuals with severe disabilities can participate and develop a high level of skill. The game can be easily adapted to allow players with functional limitations to use chutes and ramps in order to to place their game balls into play.

Boccia is a Paralympic sport for people with physical disabilities, and also a Special Olympic sport for people with learning disabilities!

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